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Master Plan

McKeldin Mall Oaks Tree Appraisal –
Trees Have a Value


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Locations % = The mean of Site %, Contribution %, and Placement % equates as the Location %. The Site variable of 90% was used in this calculation due to the significance of McKeldin Mall and the surrounding trees. Contribution of 85% was used to represent that the trees play a major part into forming the image of the space known as McKeldin Mall. Placement was assigned the variable of 80% since the trees do receive regular pedestrian traffic in the critical root zone which causes compaction and there is a significant amount of concrete sidewalks which contributes to limited root growth. The overall Location is used by students, staff, faculty and Alumni as a sanctuary from the summer heat, as a place to study and gather thoughts and as a space of transit to “get to your next class or appointment.” The mean calculated for Location is 85%.


Size = This is based on an actual measurement of the diameter of the tree at breast height or 4.5’ off the ground. DBH was collected in March 2011. This diameter is used to calculate trunk area (TA) in inches squared. A quadratic equation supplied by The Guide for Plant Appraisal is used on any tree with a diameter over 30” to calculate an adjusted trunk area (ATA).  Diameters range from 4” to 49.7” at breast height for these trees.


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