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McKeldin Mall Oaks Tree Appraisal –
Trees Have a Value


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Condition % = Condition is based on the Appraisers experiences and takes into account the history of the trees and site along with the overall health of the specimen.  These oaks were given a conservative Condition Rating of 80% based on the fact that all of these trees were crown cleaned to remove deadwood, crossing branches, water sprouts, diseased branches and the soil was injected in the summer of 2010 with fertilizer and mycorrhizal inoculums.  Note that these trees are ~90 old so regular maintenance becomes a factor, overall the trees are in good health.


Species Rating % = Quercus phellos (Willow Oaks) and Quercus nigra (Water Oak) have an established species rating of 60% -90% within the Mid-Atlantic Region. This rating is set by the Mid-Atlantic Tree Species Rating Guide published by The International Society of Arboriculture which was last revised in 2007. 85% was used as the input for the Species Rating for this appraisal. At this site at the University of Maryland – College Park we have 128 Quercus phellos and 1 Quercus nigra. Quercus phellos is the most common tree on campus, this species has preformed exceptional well in our urban forest.


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