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McKeldin Mall Oaks Tree Appraisal –
Trees Have a Value



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Installed Tree Cost = This is based on the Mid-Atlantic Tree Species Rating Guide. This guide references the largest commonly transplanted tree in the Maryland and Virginia area which is determined to be 5 inches in caliper. The input figures are as follows for the 5 inch tree: Cross-Sectional Area is 20 square inches, Replacement Tree Cost $500, Installed Tree Cost is $1500 and that equates of for the Unit Tree Cost $75 per in2.


It needs to be declared that these variables of Location, Species and Condition remained constant for all 129 Oaks within the major calculation. The variable of size was represented upon a per tree basis. Based upon the discussed conservative inputs and the data of tree DBH’s collected the overall value of the 129 oaks is $3.53 Million.


Bloch, L. 2000. Guide for Plant Appraisal 9th Edition. Champaign, IL.


International Society of Arboriculture. 2007. Mid-Atlantic Tree Species Rating Guide. Earlyseville, VA.


Prepared By:
Joshua Nadler
Campus Arborist
University of Maryland-College Park

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